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Hello devoted readers, fans, lovers, and friends.  I still love you, but I will only be posting once this week. (one of the best sites out there for feminist content, news, and analysis) is looking for a new contributor.

So You Think You Can Blog will be held from the 20th-25th of August (that’s next week) and each participant is required to submit two posts.  A group of finalists will be selected and then a winner!  Because of this amazing opportunity, I am writing up a storm and will not be able to post today.  However, next week I hope to post twice here and twice on so you’ll have DOUBLE the delight!

But, this post is not just to inform, I also need your help.  The judges are looking for how readers respond to an author’s post so I’ll need you guys to stop by and comment on my posts, continue the conversation, and just be your totally badass selves.  Let’s DO THIS.


Born this way is irrelevant

The debate about homosexuality will, in all likelihood, continue ad infinitum.  At least as long as oppressive ideas of boy/girl, gay/straight, moral/amoral continue to be the mainstream discourse.  Unless you’ve been living under a big gay rock, you may have noticed that the conversation has turned to the inevitability of gayness.  That someone is born this way, or that they haven’t chosen this lifestyle and therefore cannot be faulted for it is a predominant argument in the LGBT movement.  From the other side, the idea that it is a chosen lifestyle and can be fixed/changed/altered if only you try hard enough is an equally predominant discussion.  Continue reading

Stop Walking, Start Doing Something

Susan G Komen is kind of a bigwig around here.  Actually, she’s kind of a bigwig everywhere.  The Susan G Komen foundation raises millions of dollars each year through walks, donations, and pink everything.  And it does a lot of good, right?  It raises millions of dollars and gives it to funding research to find a cure for cancer.  A noble goal – one in which few, if any, could find fault.  But, here’s the wrench in the cogs:  Susan G Komen does not donate their fundraising dollars to finding a cure.  37% of their funds go to education.  Now, having worked in non-profits, I know that ‘education’ can mean many things to many people.  Handing out Continue reading

A Response to Rebecca Walker on behalf of feminism – not your mother

This post is in response to an article written by Rebecca Walker – daughter of Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple.  Here is the original post:  How my mother’s fanatical views tore us apart

Walker writes to wound – something that seems to be in response to many of years of neglect – in all liklihood both perceived and real.  In the process of discounting her mother and airing the dirty laundry of her relationship – not that one shouldn’t do such a thing, but perhaps with a bit more diplomacy – Walker insists that feminism has hurt women by furthering their opportunities for growth.  Continue reading

Media Monday

What I’m watching:  Breaking Bad

This show is super intense and crazy.  If only there were more strong female characters…

What I’m reading:  American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld

I’m still not sure how I feel about this book.  I find it kind of depressing because the main character, Alice, is always compromising.  While I know, realistically, that compromise is essential to life Continue reading

Voting Doesn’t Change Anything – But It’s Really Important

The other day I mentioned that voting is both necessary and arbitrary – a contradiction in terms we need to discuss.  One of my least favorite questions – are you registered to vote – annoys the hell out of me.  It’s always condescendingly asked by someone older and they already know the answer they want – they’re not asking out of curiosity.  They’re asking because they want to be sure they approve of your way of interacting with our political system.  I’ve also found that they are uninterested in any reasons you may have to or not to vote.  Well, I want to talk about it.  And I’m going to do so right here because I have no one to interrupt me – Continue reading

this is not what democracy looks like

Youth are not apathetic.  The idea that we don’t vote, therefore we don’t care.  Or we’re less intelligent because we grew up surrounded by media.  Fuck that.  My generation is not apathetic.  We are, however, sick of not having our voices matter.  We are brushed off as rebellious adolescents in high school and idealistic do-gooders in college.  We are lazy and privileged twenty-somethings because we don’t have jobs.  Oh, and we’re spoiled rotten too.  Right, because our age group isn’t the one most effected by unemployment.  And we don’t have tens of thousands (never hundreds of thousands) of dollars worth of debt just Continue reading

Martha Stewart is a Total Badass

Martha Stewart is generally not the image one conjures up when thinking of badass ladies.  The masses might think of Lara Croft or that chick from Fast and Furious and Avatar.  Feminists might think of Margaret Sanger.  Anarchists – Emma Goldman.  Conservatives might consider Sarah Palin a badass for refusing to give in to modern science and reason.  But Martha Stewart is left off that list – rude.  We laud all types of strong businesswomen.  But Martha – the whitest badass there ever was – rarely gets her due.  Now, I may be wrong.  I know there are tons of women out there who love Martha – her audience.  Often middle- Continue reading

The US Government Loves You – Except You, Hussie

The US government loves you.  In fact, it loves you so much that it’s willing shackle your legs together.  Just to protect you – tough love, baby.  Now, it may hurt a bit but just try to breathe through the pain.  Remember – it hurts the government more than it hurts you.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year you’ve probably noticed that there has been a general assault on women’s issues aptly named the War on Women.  A name such as this, while apt, is used to sensationalize the steady chipping away of Continue reading

About Me

Officially, I am a sex educator.  Well, I suppose that’s not entirely true.  Officially, I am unemployed.  HOWEVER, I do have a Masters in Sexuality Education.  I also have a degree in writing or some such nonsense (the other unemployed liberal arts students know it doesn’t matter).  But really – OFFICIALLY- I am a student of the world.  I’m sorry I lied all those times before.  I hope we can move past it.

I study the intersections of nature and culture, from the insidious oppression of narrow-minded media and genetically engineered Continue reading

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