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Media Monday

What I’m watching:  Star Trek The Next Generation – Season 5

There is one episode in this TNG season that really stands out for me.  Episode 17, The Outcast.  This episode of TNG focuses on a race of people called the J’naii.  The J’naii are an alien race that does not have gender in their culture.  Instead everyone is androgynous, shunning of gender as a primitive ideology.  The character, Soren, speaks of how on her planet, the feelings of being more male or more female (that’s sex, by the way, not gender) are considered abnormal.  Continue reading


Media Monday

What I’m watching:  Breaking Bad

This show is super intense and crazy.  If only there were more strong female characters…

What I’m reading:  American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld

I’m still not sure how I feel about this book.  I find it kind of depressing because the main character, Alice, is always compromising.  While I know, realistically, that compromise is essential to life Continue reading

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