About Me

Officially, I am a sex educator.  Well, I suppose that’s not entirely true.  Officially, I am unemployed.  HOWEVER, I do have a Masters in Sexuality Education.  I also have a degree in writing or some such nonsense (the other unemployed liberal arts students know it doesn’t matter).  But really – OFFICIALLY- I am a student of the world.  I’m sorry I lied all those times before.  I hope we can move past it.

I study the intersections of nature and culture, from the insidious oppression of narrow-minded media and genetically engineered food to the most blatant hatred, or perhaps a bit hopefully – misunderstanding, on the part of our policymakers.  I am no physicist, but I make a habit of studying theoretical physics because it is amazing.  I love to be in nature but get massive, enormous, horrifying bug bites.  Too much information?  I’m sorry, I get chatty when I’m nervous.

I have decided I can no longer contain all my thoughts in one head.  They are too many and too pressing to keep to myself.  So, I am embarking on this experiment – sharing them with you.  Come (or don’t – I’m going either way) as I publicly (and maybe sometimes pubicly – if we’re lucky) explore, rage, discuss, and study this multiplicitous world.

In Solidarity

Dusty Florbjord


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