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Toxic Shock

By now most of us are well aware that there are synthetic chemicals in just about everything we use – even food.  We know about parabens and petroleum-based products, and dyes.  What we don’t look at it who is impacted the most by these products.  Even once we remove the so-called ‘bad’ stuff from them, there are still hundreds, thousands, of unaccounted for chemicals we slather, smooth, rub in, rinse off, lather, and scrub onto our bodies.  While the market is changing (and I’m not sure that’s such a good thing), women often use considerably more products than men.  I did a totally unscientific survey of what products a woman might use in a month versus what a man might use.  And here are my totally unofficial results: Continue reading


I’ve Been Remiss

Hello my little dustbunnies!

So sorry for the radio silence, things have gotten crazy over here and it took me off guard.  I’ve recently gotten new floorboards (I moved) and my sister, Sandie Florbjord, is getting married in just over a month which means we’ve got lots to do.  I’m not usually one for the wedding industry but I’m suspending my critical eye for the moment to enjoy the exciting process of melding families and because, even in spite of the commercialization of all that is meaningful in the world, weddings are fun.  Also, my sister is happy, if a bit stressed.  So, I’m holding back my usual rants of fury and rage at our ridiculous lifestyles the first, and considerably less articulate, draft of which my poor sister generally gets the brunt.

Thanks for bearing with me during this absurdly busy time.  Now, back to your regularly scheduled postings.

In Solidarity,

Dusty Florbjord

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