Open Letter to Romney Voters Part II

This is the second part of a letter to my partner’s parents who has informed me they will vote for Mitt Romney.  See Part I.
  • Romney will legislate religion.  This is a most basic violation of our rights that has become the norm and will only increase under Romney.  While I know you are a spiritual person, I also know that you understand not everyone is.  Your relative and myself being two at hand examples.
  • Obama intends to increase funding for education, scholarships, and support teachers.  It is entirely possible that under Romney your relative could lose their job due to insufficient funds.  It will be nearly impossible for me to get a job in a field I enjoy because schools will not have money for sex or life skills education.  Nor will I be able to find a job at Planned Parenthood because their funding will be stripped too.
  • These funds might go to the military.  The US already greatly outspends any other country on defense.  In world military spending, the US spends just less than half of what the entire rest of the world spends.  Romney would increase this.  War is good business.  Big businesses make lots of money during wartime – oil, weapons, metals, and chemicals.
  • Romney will run our Country as a business.  He is a businessman, it makes sense that he would do so.  So, I understand why some of his policies might appeal to you, they are supposed to.  You are above the average American in earnings.  However, government is not a business.  Government’s job is to protect and care for its people.  That is why Obama would require all businesses offer health care to their employees – it helps the most people.  Romney will not force you to do this, but Romney will not offer an alternative for those who cannot afford it.  Obama’s health care plan is the beginning of a path to a government health care option.  Not health care controlled and interfered with by the government, but health care that is affordable to everyone.  Right now it may cost you more, but in the long run it will be cheaper than the alternative.
  • Consumer and environmental protection agencies such as the EPA and FDA will almost certainly be reduced or dismantled.  As will the Departments of Energy and Education.  Protections such as these are expensive for businesses but important for workers, consumers, and civilians.  Since Romney views corporations as people, he sees these types of regulations as infringing on their rights.  Corporations should not have rights.  They are not people.
  • Welfare and other social programs will be reduced or eliminated.  Romney and his VP candidate Ryan believe that people should be left to make their own way.  I know that at one time you did not have a great deal of money and, while I cannot say for sure, you may have relied on any number of these programs.  Food stamps, unemployment benefits, housing assistance, welfare – many of which have specific requirements for access – will no longer be available.  This will make it difficult for people to better their circumstances.  It will be impossible for those in the lowest income bracket to live the American dream as you have gotten the opportunity to do.
  • Due to tax cuts to larger and wealthier businesses, it will be more difficult for small businesses to succeed.  This might include a new business your relative would open or a women’s health center that I’ve been planning for years.

I understand your hesitance to vote for Obama because of the impact on your business.  I know that it an expense for you.  But I still ask you to reconsider.  You wouldn’t buy a house for the bathroom tiles when the entire foundation is crumbling.  Why choose a president on that same basis?




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