Dear Todd

Dear Todd,

I am writing to express my gratitude for sharing the wealth of information you have on female reproduction.  Throughout my Masters education in Human Sexuality, I was implicated in the lie that women ovulate.  It was my understanding that if sex occurs (whether by force or by choice) during this period, there is a high likelihood of pregnancy.  I was taught that women have no control over this phenomenon other than their horrifying use of birth control.  That when a woman ovulates her egg (or eggs, as the case may be) is available for any sperm to fertilize.  But now, now I know that this is not that case.  Now I know, however vaguely, that women are capable of preventing sperm from fertilizing their egg(s).  I am intrigued by this theory and impassioned by my realization that I’ve been misled by those I trusted.  I would love to learn more about it.  If you could please recommend additional readings I might peruse to supplement the knowledge I gained from your all-too-short interview on the subject, I would be much obliged.  I am curious about so many things!

Where does the prevention of fertilization occur?  Does the cervix tighten up so that sperm cannot penetrate its force field?  Does the uterus secrete a special ‘rape’ hormone that immobilizes any sperm?  Or are the sperm assimilated into the body, like the Borg?

When does this occur?  Prior to the rape, just before penetration but right after the woman realizes she is about to be raped?  During, while the woman is experiencing pain and anguish at her still-occurring trauma?  Or after, while she is recuperating from the invasion?

What, exactly, occurs?  Is it a hormone?  A strong contraction of one of the many female reproductive organs?  Perhaps her body just knows on some subconscious level and the egg swims away, out of the line of sperm.

Again, I am forever grateful for having the veil of progressive slime lifted from my eyes.  Their absurd obsession with facts and scientific proof is overwhelming and I simply do not understand it.  I intend to take on your cause and spread my new knowledge, degree in hand.

I would also like to offer my condolences that your party seems to be treating you as a pariah simply for speaking truth.  A truth with which we both know, due to their voting record, they agree.  Their duplicity is outrageous and I am offended by their actions. Continue to speak this truth even when you are barred from all channels and have only Glenn Beck to rescue you.  You, sir, are a true hero.

Love and Solidarity,

Dusty Florbjord


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