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Martha Stewart is a Total Badass

Martha Stewart is generally not the image one conjures up when thinking of badass ladies.  The masses might think of Lara Croft or that chick from Fast and Furious and Avatar.  Feminists might think of Margaret Sanger.  Anarchists – Emma Goldman.  Conservatives might consider Sarah Palin a badass for refusing to give in to modern science and reason.  But Martha Stewart is left off that list – rude.  We laud all types of strong businesswomen.  But Martha – the whitest badass there ever was – rarely gets her due.  Now, I may be wrong.  I know there are tons of women out there who love Martha – her audience.  Often middle- Continue reading


The US Government Loves You – Except You, Hussie

The US government loves you.  In fact, it loves you so much that it’s willing shackle your legs together.  Just to protect you – tough love, baby.  Now, it may hurt a bit but just try to breathe through the pain.  Remember – it hurts the government more than it hurts you.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year you’ve probably noticed that there has been a general assault on women’s issues aptly named the War on Women.  A name such as this, while apt, is used to sensationalize the steady chipping away of Continue reading

About Me

Officially, I am a sex educator.  Well, I suppose that’s not entirely true.  Officially, I am unemployed.  HOWEVER, I do have a Masters in Sexuality Education.  I also have a degree in writing or some such nonsense (the other unemployed liberal arts students know it doesn’t matter).  But really – OFFICIALLY- I am a student of the world.  I’m sorry I lied all those times before.  I hope we can move past it.

I study the intersections of nature and culture, from the insidious oppression of narrow-minded media and genetically engineered Continue reading

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